OKEx Beacon Mentorship and Masterclass Program to Create Employment Opportunities in Crypto Sector

The leading digital asset exchange and cryptocurrency trading platform OKEx has recently announced the launch of its OKEx Beacon Program to nurture talent in the cryptocurrency sector. Focused initially on the European region, the program will include Masterclass and Mentorship series handled by the top executives at OKEx.
Applications for the first phase of OKEx Beacon Program opened on 27 May 2020. Interested applicants can make submissions until 7 June 2020. Selected participants will get an opportunity to kickstart their crypto career by attending 1 month coaching along with Masterclasses involving OKEx executives and industry experts. They will receive mentorship directly from the OKEx leadership team, which will help them get an in-depth understanding of crypto industry, preparing them to tackle the challenges head-on.
The European region is one of the worst affected geographies during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, resulting in an economic downturn and widespread unemployment. In a recent interview with NewsBTC, the CEO of OKEx, Jay Hao mentioned that the crypto industry is set to expand in the near future, as other sectors struggle to recover. He also mentioned that OKEx has so far managed to stay strong during these challenging times, thanks to a well-implemented work culture that enabled most of their employees to work from the safe environment of their homes to provide uninterrupted service.
OKEx intends to go ahead with its plans to introduce new products and services, promote DeFi and crypto-based credit solutions as people and countries strive to recover from the economic shock. Through the Beacon Program, OKEx aims to empower more people to build their careers in the cryptocurrency industry.
“We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the world and the European region in particular. Many people are confined at home and their livelihoods are affected. Through the Beacon program, we aim to provide a window to the blockchain and crypto industry. We hope that participants and mentors can both benefit from it, perhaps some of them can even kickstart their careers in this space,” said Mr. Hao.
By the end of the OKEx Beacon Program, 6 participants will get an opportunity to secure a job for themselves in OKEx. During the course, all selected participants will receive training in a wide range of topics including an overall view on blockchain, buying and selling cryptocurrencies, marketing strategies adopted by blockchain companies, the ICO boom and trading crypto derivatives.
“The key to blockchain and crypto adoption lies in education. We are hoping OKEX could spark the fire of innovation with the Beacon Program. Afterall, the crypto industry would only thrive with more informed communities,” said Lennix Lai, Director of Financial Markets of OKEx.
Initiatives like the Beacon Program are expected to help create more employment opportunities for people as the global unemployment rates continue to grow. By becoming part of an industry with huge growth potential, candidates undergoing such training will also be able to future-proof their careers.
Image by 272447 from Pixabay