– Ultra light, ultra private DEX (decentralized exchange)

In this video, I will provide you with a brief introduction to our decentralized cryptocurrency exchange at Our aim was to create the fastest and most private DEX available. We started by eliminating all cookies and tracking software. We also kept the design very simple, truly allowing form to follow function.

Our decentralized exchange or DEX is powered by Totle. Totle is connected to top decentralized exchanges and synthetic asset providers. When you execute a swap through Totle, your order is routed to the sources offering the best prices on the market.

There are no middlemen involved. Everything is handled through smart contracts. No need to to create an account, you simply connect to your cryptocurrency wallet and swap tokens. Please feel free to check it out at: I think you will be very impressed.

If you like the idea of eliminating cookies and tracking software while browsing the web, please check out the Brave browser. Please visit to learn more about Brave.

Thank you for watching our video. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance.

All the very best,

Claude Dauman


We are a member of the Totle and Brave affiliate programs.

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