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Retoken, the decentralized referral bonus system created for product and service providers, is thrilled to announce its upcoming IDO launch. Retoken is launching RETO – a new token model that stimulates new businesses to implement a blockchain referral model and discover untapped distribution channels. There will be a maximum supply of 550,000,000 RETO for sale at $0.01 price per token.

Rewards programs, sales incentive schemes, and bonuses remain a necessity for any business that operates outbound customer acquisition channels. They are considered valuable and important in today’s market. These programs encourage certain customer behavior, and if poorly implemented, can lead to perverse results.

When businesses include the ability to incentivize referrals, they tend to offer great value to their clients and further promote customer engagement; The seller receives compensation for spreading information about a product or business, while the firm in turn makes more profit and acquires more customers.

Traditional rewards programs present challenges for both businesses and customers, particularly in terms of transparency and trust. Companies are concerned with assessing liability, increasing conversion rates, personalization, and ensuring channel consistency. Customers are plagued with restrictions and rules, incentive options, and losing track of collected reward points.

Blockchain technology, on the other hand, is disrupting existing rewards service models. By digitizing the process where two parties can have free access to bonus programs, the referral system becomes more transparent. Thus, new referral systems are integrated with current blockchain developments to improve their utility.

The ideal referral bonus mechanism

Retoken is the digital referral system on the blockchain that is created for product and service providers to stimulate their sales. The blockchain-based reward system automates the relations between product, service providers and salespeople to provide new financial incentives and business development opportunities.

Retoken is reshaping the existing reward service model by empowering consumers and also sales personnel to identify and achieve better product placements. It proposes a decentralized bonus system where sellers and producers in the digital space are equipped with more practical selling tools.

The decentralized platform is driven by a team with years of experience in the business industry. Specifically, the decentralized referral bonus system intends to provide a unique reward service with the following features:

  • Formation of a transparent mechanism for referral bonuses
  • Providing a simple and understandable service model
  • Providing highly reliable and mobile solutions
  • Generating growing value for token holders

Retoken rewards consumers for selling the manufacturer’s products and also providing rich insights by using positive reward reinforcements.

Notably, Retoken utilizes both the manufacturer console and wallet to expand its network effect. Manufacturers and producers can insert their campaign specifications and fix the parameters for their motivational campaigns. This way, they can implement global, national or local bonus programs.

With Retoken’s mobile wallet, users can quickly share the referral link while also collecting points in the form of tokens. Since all transactions on the network are immutable and transparent, every incentive participation is secure and accounted for.

The Retoken wallet is the primary basis for obtaining free access to ongoing campaigns. Both sellers and consumers can obtain information about ongoing campaigns, including payout data. Through Retoken, users are rewarded with RETO tokens. Moreover, the Retoken wallet will enable users to safely exchange their token rewards for FIAT.

Product, and service providers, as well as distribution companies will be able to purchase Retokens and in turn use it for incentive algorithms for product and service sales. This will help increase the demand for the token.

Retoken is a BEP-20 utility token native to the Binance Smart Chain protocol. By utilizing the BSC protocol, Retoken ensures high network stability and data security. Moreover, BSC is designed to tackle Ethereum’s high transaction fees and difficulty by allowing transactions to be executed at a lower cost and faster processing rate.

RETO can be stored on the Retoken wallet or on any third-party wallet which supports BSC. Retoken will mint no more than 1 billion tokens. More so, no other new tokens will be issued after the initial mint.

Token allocation

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 RETO

55% – Investors and community
20% – Team and advisors
10% – Foundation
5% – Contractors and contingency reserve
5% – DEX liquidity pools
1% – Security and bounties
4% – Staking

Retoken has implemented a token release schedule for tokens distributed to advisors, teams, and the foundation. This way, tokens that are meant for private and public sale, as well as tokens that need to provide DEX liquidity, are immediately available.

The team, advisors, and the foundation sale have a vesting period of 1 year after the completion of the token sale. They only have access to their tokens in the following year. And there is no gradual token release for the team or the foundation.

After the completion of sale, tokens will be allocated based on task urgency to ensure Retoken has both technical development, marketing, and business development support to see the finality of the product.

54% – Technical Development
22% – Business Development
20% – Marketing and PR
4% – Legal and Finance

What does the future hold?

The platform will be formed and tested based on the current supermarket chain with more than 70 markets and then expanded globally. Retoken’s aims to be a global platform by 2025, recognised in more than 10 countries and working with more than 1,000 manufacturing and service companies.

RETO token will soon be listed for purchase on Pancakeswap, a leading decentralized exchange for swapping BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. In the near future, Retoken will also be offered on several exchanges – DEX and CEX – as well as provided by manufacturers as gifts. One of the striking event happening soon is that Retoken is getting listed on MacaronSwap, 11th May 2022. Get in early!

Retoken intends to enter top tier centralized exchanges as soon as the Retoken wallet is ready. The wallet will be launched by the end of 2022.

About Retoken

Retoken is a digital referral bonus system created on the basis of the Binance smart contract chain. It allows manufacturers to increase sales, motivate their customers and also discover untapped distribution channels via the ideal referral bonus mechanism.



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