Employee quits after red flags at first crypto job, stays in blockchain for the tech

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Crypto startups have a significant role to play in the development of the entire blockchain industry. However, while many business owners have big ideas that aim to change the world, some fail to invest to develop the most critical aspects of a business, resulting in employees quitting. 

After being hired by a crypto startup, Roland Guirdonan from Chad, Central Africa, thought he got lucky as he accepted his first job offer in the crypto world. He later realized that while it seemed like a dream job, it was more of a nightmare that he needed to run away from.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Guirdonan noted that the company, which he refused to name, allegedly launched products that are not working and required employees to work lots of overtime while managers play favorites on who gets rewarded for their efforts. He explained that:

“The products of the company are like not really working as the company is not putting too much effort in it. […] But still, we were trying to work on it and try to like bring it to success, but it’s not working.”

He also added that while the products don’t “function properly,” employees of the firm were required to do overtime, working on the projects that he claims to be already “dead.” To make things worse, he further alleged that managers were cherry-picking people to reward while others work more.

“I love like to be in the crypto industry and everything, but I had to quit because it became like really like a bit too much for me. It wasn’t healthy.”

Despite the negative experience, Guirdonan became a blockchain and crypto believer after learning about other projects in the industry. “I chose to stay in the crypto industry because I believe in the technology and also I believe in the projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum,” he said.

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Guirdonan believes that crypto is truly the “future of money” even though the markets are currently down. He explained that this newfound belief made him not want to miss out on anything within the industry. He said that:

“Even though everything happened, I didn’t let that stop me from exploring more of the industry and then discovering more about the blockchain.”

He also encouraged anyone who is interested in joining the blockchain industry. Guirdonan believes that “there is really an opportunity for anyone who wants to join this space.”

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