Is there space for tattoos in the metaverse?

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At the Monaco streaming film festival 2022, Morten Rongaard of Reality Plus proposed what felt like a hypothetical question. “Can avatars have NFT tattoos? And what does that mean in Web3 and the metaverse?” He went on to talk about how that avatar artwork could serve two functions. The first and most obvious was about expression and uniqueness. If someone has a tattoo in the real world and has chosen to express themselves in this way, should not they have the same opportunity in the metaverse? Would they feel more connected to their avatar from a psychological point of view?

But the second and less obvious thought was about identity and access. If your avatar has a tattoo, or several tattoos, it becomes…you. A little like a real-world thumb print., it becomes truly you and easily identifiable as you. Does this present the opportunity for you to gain access to areas on the metaverse that would normally be gated? How would it work with KYC and your wallet?

With these questions ringing in our ears, on Sunday 26th June 2022 at 17:00 (CET), Olympus Gods will host a special exclusive event in one of the worlds. We cannot guarantee we will answer these questions. But we can assure you that it will be interesting, informative, and dripping in stunning art. It will be one not to miss.

The Olympus project was born out of a pure passion for art, tech, and the NFT space. Avihoo Ben Gida, the artist behind Olympic Gods, and the team has introduced tattoo art into the virtual world and the metaverse and is keen to explore what this means across platforms. The collection merges art made by Avihoo on human skin, together with high-end tech and 3D art, all revolving around the exciting mythology sphere.

Avihoo is known for his highly realistic tattoos, fascinating designs, and his signature delicate hand. A quick glance at his Instagram account will reveal his main artistic inspiration — ancient art and Greek mythology. After a decade of bringing to life the mythological figures on real skin, Avihoo has collaborated with ZEUS to migrate the same stories into the NFT space.

Avihoo says,

“Working with and exploring a conversation in their advanced metaverse is a huge opportunity to connect with art and tattoo lovers in the space where I envision its future to be. I am so excited to learn what our communities have to say on the subject and see what they want this space to look like. All conversations are two way, and I really hope that we have some fascinating dialogues.”

Olympus Gods in Event 26th June 2022. 17:00 (cet) Please join and check our Twitter profile for the exclusive link on the day. is an open metaverse platform that offers advanced audio, video, and chat features as well as life-like avatars. It provides rich, interactive experiences that facilitate socialization, education, entertainment, commerce, and more. This is achieved via a performance-optimized virtual world with users having the ability to build and buy 3D assets like buildings and highly detailed models. The creation of in-world assets broadly revolves around real estate, art, fashion, collectibles, and other digital goods that will use’s native token, $PAXW, facilitating the creation of a user-focused virtual economy.

Sara Popov, head of making stuff look pretty in, says, “The art direction of is something we like to call abstract realism. The inspiration comes from the sculptures of the renaissance period. The colour and the marble forms have a huge influence on our world. I love that Olympus Gods are starting from the same place as us but have created something so different. I am really excited to hear what they have to say, this AMA is a must for all art lovers and artists who are thinking about the Web3 space.”

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