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00:00 Intro – Massive increase in FED balance sheet
00:20 FED is buying bank debt – Giving loans for securities that banks hold
01:18 Political pressure becomes quite high. Senator Lankford questioning stupified Janet Yellen
03:28 BTC daily chart – Inverse H&S pattern playing out
04:36 Agenda
04:50 Welcome to the chat
05:34 Coinpaprika market overview – Quite bullish
06:29 BTC weekly chart – Can we close the week above the 200 MA? Massive signal
07:45 Nothing is certain though. We can have a black swan tomorrow.
08:27 Shout out to ByBit
08:48 Shout out to TAP
09:02 Shout out to SwissBorg – Another way to get money out of your account and into crypto
09:35 Ryan Selkis tweet – Situation with the FED – Systemic issues are here
10:50 As banks are collapsing, BTC is no longer a tech stock. BTC is becoming a life raft
11:32 Default scenario playing out
12:45 Plan B tweet about RSI – Stock 2 Flow is still relevant
14:40 Bob Loukas tweet about the long term – Bullish
15:13 More and more signals about the market is changing
15:59 When you have conviction about something and the general people do not
16:20 Nelson saying: In Latin America BTC is the currency of the devil for some people
17:15 Federal judge goes ballistic with the SEC about the Voyager collapse and Binance rescue, programmer explains
23:30 SEC has a role to play, but Gary is destroying the SEC – Losing credibility
24:24 SEC Be clear, follow rule of law
24:47 Brian Brooks – Government is using the current crisis to choke crypto
25:40 A crypto address cannot go out of business. Nothing collapses when moving funds, programmer explains
27:00 As crypto industry we need to get more confidence
27:52 Kraken better hurry up and open that bank in the US they have been talking about
28:20 Updates on alt coin space – Uniswap is live on BNB chain
28:58 Coinpaprika overview – BNB
29:34 Interesting new projects launching – Checking DefiLlama – Thena, Level Finance
31:05 Going to Q&A
31:12 News about Fantom – Gas Monetization Program rewards eligible dApps 15 percent fees – programmer explains
32:40 Moralis Money news – new domain – Token explorer used to find gems with experienced buyers and liquidity
35:38 New update of Moralis Money because of MetaMask update – Now better overview of what kind of transaction is happening
37:50 Q1: What is the best Ivan pick with marketcap lower than top 100?
39:54 Q2: please add button in Moralis that gives me Pumpamentals?
40:34 Q3: Is it same to buy exrd as XRD?
40:55 Q4: Is Shinoku Inu a scam?
43:35 BITE chart
43:50 PAWSwap chart
44:43 Q5: Do you plan to add average holding time?
44:58 Q6: Can someone recommend to me the best RADIX wallet?
45:20 Q7: Is Creator really burning the tokens?
45:54 Q8: Can moralis replace the behemoth firms checking smart contracts?
47:16 Q9: Will you be at the Paris Blockchain event next week?
47:34 Q10: What about data for large coins for Matic?
48:59 Different chain overviews in Token explorer
49:31 Q11: How do you collect the beans?
49:58 Collecting is like fishing in Runescape
50:12 Q12: Can you reset beans to midnight UTC please?
52:09 Q13: All my coins are seen as scam coins?
52:23 Q14: Does security law mean fewer ICOs and more airdrops?
53:19 Q15: BBP benefits?
53:48 Outro


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