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00:00:00 Intro – Hyperinflation in USD in 90 days
00:00:28 BTC will go to 1 million dollars – Balaji bet, programmer explains
00:01:35 Hyperinflation hits in a millisecond
00:02:13 Weimar republic inflation in 1923 as example
00:03:10 Agenda
00:03:16 Welcome to the chat
00:03:29 Shout out to ByBit
00:03:58 Coinpaprika market overview – Market a bit down
00:04:30 Biggest winners – FTX, why??
00:05:02 Balaji tweet about BTFP and hyperinflation
00:06:59 Balance sheet of the FED is growing so quickly
00:07:25 Balaji’s reasoning why BTC is going to 1 million in 90 days – programmer explains
00:09:48 When 2 trillion is hitting the market people cannot understand what is going to happen
00:10:24 How will the banking situation survive next week with this kind of inflation
00:10:48 The FED always has new tricks, programmer explains why it might be longer than 90 days
00:11:59 More and more people are understanding the situation and go for BTC
00:12:49 Banks are 77-91 percent under water – It is going to be a contagion
00:13:48 The answer is crypto. The only way to act is to protect capital
00:14:10 You have to be Twitter or Youtube to hear the truth
00:15:29 Gold bugs have learned it the hard way that the FED did not collapse, programmer explains
00:16:20 Having BTC in your own wallet cannot create fake sell pressure, unlike gold
00:18:00 Younger generation is not into gold. It is too analog
00:18:20 Priorities of mainstream media are wrong – Tweet from Elon Musk as proof- We get nice memes when Trump comes back
00:19:30 We need political candidates that support crypto.
00:20:18 We need property rights to improve our lives
00:21:11 Ryan Selkis tweet – About Exec order 6102
00:21:43 Moralis Money Token Explorer market overview
00:22:10 theBag BAG chart
00:23:18 Moralis Token explorer is going to work on own rating and shield improvements.
00:23:56 Bear market is a lot about new eco systems like Shibarium
00:24:50 Token Explorer with Experienced buyers filter overview – Lots of dog stuff
00:25:16 MOPS chart
00:26:15 STEAK chart – BAD
00:26:58 Q1: Mode for top 100-500 whales buying?
00:27:36 Q2: When is the next (FED) hike decision date?
00:28:04 Q3: Add a feature to search for specific coins to check if people are buying?
00:30:26 Sneak preview of token details page
00:31:35 Q4: Does DEXtools have an open API to use?
00:32:29 Q5: Is there going to be a search function on Moralis Money?
00:35:03 Things pump the best on a DEX. Better on UniSwap V2 than on V3. Programmer explains
00:39:20 UniSwap V3 is more for flexibility of the market makers
00:39:58 Q6: Can you collapse the sidebar when watching on Moralis?
00:40:12 Q7: Will the CME futures gap be closed at 26K before going to 1 million?
00:41:25 BTC Weekly chart is now more leading than daily chart, programmer explains
00:42:57 Q8: The menu button is not visible on Android?
00:43:20 Q9: Thoughts on Bitcoin Stacks?
00:43:41 Q10: Is paying for Moralis with crypto Moralis VAT free?
00:44:14 Q11: Best way to incentivise users to provide liquidity?
00:45:26 Steve Burns – Tweet, hundreds of banks in worse shape than SVB
00:45:50 zerohedge -Tweet about What a time to be alive
00:46:46 Q12: Will there be more chains added to the Pro plan?
00:48:49 Shout out to TAP
00:49:38 Shout out to ByBit
00:50:00 Q13: Is there a full tutorial video for Moralis Money?
00:55:14 Q14: Will Alts grow along with BTC or will it depeg?
00:56:00 Q15: How do you see BTC dominance developing in the short to mid term?
00:57:40 Q16: Why not use the BTC.D chart instead of the ETH BCT chart?
00:59:34 Q17: Do you think ETH is going down short term? I want to load up my bags
01:02:06 Go buy CTO Larsson line
01:02:18 Q18: What is your coming bull run strategy Ivan?
01:05:17 Outro


Please be advised that I own a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrency as I wish to remain transparent and impartial to the cryptocurrency community at all times, and therefore, the content of my media are intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES not financial advice. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Purchasing cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. Past performance does not indicate future results.

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