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00:00:00 Intro – How low can BTC go? Target is 23
00:00:30 Adapt from bullish to bearish
00:01:04 Longterm we have to look at Asia – CCTV just broadcasted crypto
00:01:49 Hongkong is becoming crypto hub
00:01:58 DeSantis – BTC represents a threat to the current regime
00:02:35 Number 1 question. Are you pro BTC or not? Painting a picture of 2025
00:03:52 When 2025 hits we will be in an uptrend
00:04:09 Current US government will be changed, because current guy is not good
00:05:10 DeSantis standpoints explored
00:06:10 DeSantis of Trump is bullish for crypto
00:06:47 Who is pro BTC in the Democrat camp? Robert Kennedy Jr, Andrew Yang
00:08:44 Welcome to the chat
00:09:48 Best thing is when countries don’t touch crypto, programmer explains
00:11:23 DeFi and decentralization
00:11:44 BEN token was banned from UniSwap because of the logo being copyrighted
00:12:25 We need front ends to be open source desktop apps
00:14:38 DeFi is better than ever
00:14:58 Downside scenario explained – BTC 23K target
00:16:17 ETH same percentage drop as BTC, ALTs for the time being high risk
00:17:47 Using ETH nowadays is very nice, programmer explains
00:19:24 Yield of 4 percent risk free. Buy stETH
00:20:27 HODLing stETH is like the US treasury
00:22:14 Biggest problem is the gasfee. But ETH still undervalued. Fair price is 10K
00:23:24 ETH is a big contrast to BTC because you are limited
00:24:52 Q&A
00:25:10 Q1: Can you say something about risks using MetaMask? Don’t forget to remove approvals
00:27:05 Q2: Where do you store profits after a bull run?
00:27:38 Q3: Can the news about China trigger a bull Summer?
00:28:38 Apple VR-AR announcement 5th of June – Metaverse coins will pump
00:29:17 Q4: Mainland China still illegal to hold crypto?
00:29:50 Q5: We need legislative clarity to bring back the serious big bucks?
00:30:30 MiCA is bullish for the EU
00:31:37 Q6: US needs VPN which will be illegal with Restrict Act?
00:32:20 2012 ACTA protests, why no push-back against the Restrict Act now?
00:34:53 Q7: Which NFT projects are you bullish on and why?
00:36:10 Pudgy may be the creation of IP on Web3
00:37:29 We are NFT only, I don’t understand why, programmer explains
00:39:36 The only thing that makes sense is get in the early mints.
00:40:28 Q8: Can we have a flash loan on NFTs?
00:40:59 Q9: Check out metakovan fund? Thoughts on funds
00:44:32 Q10: Why is the price of HEX on ETH going to 0? Thoughts on HEX price
00:50:14 Q11: Do you believe Ledger Nano has a backdoor now?
00:51:08 Set up a multi sig with Gnosis safe dot global. Thoughts on safety
00:54:38 Q12: Thoughts on using Shamir on Trezor?
00:55:37 Antonopolis did a video on Ledger recover
00:56:00 Safe dot global revisited
00:57:20 Checking prices of copy tokens on Pulse. Garbage. But trade the confusion
01:03:32 MoralisMoney new features. Net volume coming, price change coming
01:06:05 Outro


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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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