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00:00:00 Intro – Alt coins group that is going to pump
00:00:25 Catalyst effect
00:00:43 Take profit scenario’s
00:01:03 Welcome to the chat
00:01:37 HODLing till 2025 – We should cherish this time together
00:02:03 Crypto bubbles market overview – sideways
00:02:17 BTC daily chart – downtrend target 22.6 K
00:03:15 Catalyst for certain coins, programmer explains
00:03:40 SingularityNET AGIX pumped because of ChatGPT
00:04:23 Apple and Metaverse catalyst events. Primary is overall narrative, which is VR-AR
00:05:24 Decentraland MANA might pump
00:07:02 HEX did buy the rumor sell the news
00:07:29 Phil is going to showcase 5 games today
00:07:54 Does decentraland have 38 daily active users? Numbers in Web3 metaverse is very small
00:09:27 Don’t look at the fundamentals. Wait until the announcement.
00:10:07 SAND
00:10:44 Coingecko Gaming Category explored, ICP do no touch
00:11:59 ApeCoin, The Sandbox
00:12:56 Axie Infinity AXS
00:13:18 ImmutableX IMX
00:13:49 GALA
00:14:18 Enjin Coin ENJ
00:15:28 STEPN GMT
00:16:17 Ronin RON
00:11:55 Coingecko Top Metaverse category – Render RNDR
00:19:05 Summary of catalyst potential Metaverse, Gaming
00:19:35 DeFi – Why it is broken and how to fix it, programmer explains
00:21:45 Primitive qualifications – zero external dependencies
00:22:39 HEX qualifies
00:23:17 How to achieve this for a DEX without oracles?
00:24:21 We need to rethink and rebuild lending without Chainlink. Primitive should be oracle independent
00:25:34 Use ratio based risk instead. Lender has responsibility over the solvency of their own loan
00:27:36 We need fully stateless protocols
00:29:05 We want dumb lego blocks with users deciding the parameters
00:30:07 Q&A
00:30:20 Q1: Incredible how fast the narrative changes. Chainlink was king 2-3 years ago?
00:31:24 Q2: Fantom most impacted multichain in this crisis?
00:31:57 Star Atlas DAO POLIS explored
00:35:36 Q3: Any updates on Radix?
00:37:18 Q4: Ordinals on Binance on May 30th?
00:38:45 Q5: Have you looked at Limewire?
00:40:40 Overview of how many coins are launched on each ecosystem. So many
00:41:27 Mavenshot is the original creator of the bitcoinwizardry NFT
00:43:35 Anything listed on a CEX has a chance of dumping
00:44:09 Q6: Do you have megapunks?
00:44:28 Q7: How far are they going to raise the debt ceiling?
00:44:40 Q8: Question about Moralis subscription?
00:45:45 Q9: Solana SAGA can mint a claynosour?
00:46:10 Pudgy Penquin Hyper penquinization
00:48:00 Q10: Why is the EUR so weak against the Dollar? Rant about FIAT being garbage
00:50:38 Lebanese pound collapse
00:52:57 Governments are making up exchange rates
00:54:00 Being in DeFi and on chain is better than being in banks
00:54:38 How to do staking, programmer explains Lido and Rocketpool
01:00:45 Q11: Is it safe to stake?
01:03:11 Outro


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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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