Cryptocurrency Market Update for

Date: Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Market Overview:

Market Cap: $1,783.69 Billion
Change: Up from yesterday
24h Volume: $108.08 Billion
Change: Down from yesterday but remains strong
BTC Dominance: 51.31%
Change: Up by nearly 1%!

Noteworthy Movers:

KASPA (KAS): $0.11 (↑9.65%)
CELESTIA (TIA): $16.06 (↑18.40%)
BITCOIN SV (BSV): $91.09 (↑18.14%)
HELIUM (HNT): $6.18 (↑20.43%)
BONK (BONK): $0.00001303 (↑22.27%)
ECASH (XEC): $0.00003567 (↑11.40%)

Discussion Points:

Where do you think the market is heading into the week?
Are we on the cusp of reaching new highs, or should we brace for a major correction?
Share your thoughts in the comments!

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This update is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice.

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