Cryptocurrency Market Update: Sunday, February 11, 2024

Cryptocurrency Market Update

Market Cap: $1,892.13 B
24h Vol: $53.77 B
BTC Dominance: 49.85%


Today’s cryptocurrency market shows a dynamic landscape with notable changes compared to yesterday’s statistics. The Market Cap has seen an increase, rising from $1,869.55 B to $1,892.13 B. This uptick indicates a growing interest and investment in the crypto space. However, the 24-hour Volume has decreased from $65.79 B to $53.77 B, suggesting a slight drop in trading activity. Interestingly, Bitcoin’s (BTC) Dominance has edged higher, moving from 49.65% to 49.85%, reflecting its continued influence in the market.

Noteworthy Cryptocurrency Movers


  • Price: $20.10
  • Change: +9.17%

Chainlink continues its ascent, showcasing a robust 9.17% increase. As a decentralized oracle network, it provides reliable, tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.


  • Price: $274.31
  • Change: +11.86%

Bitcoin Cash, a fork of Bitcoin, is gaining traction with an 11.86% increase. It focuses on larger block sizes, aiming to facilitate everyday transactions and improve scalability.


  • Price: $19.30
  • Change: -6.60%

Celestia has faced a downturn with a 6.60% decrease. This modular blockchain network prioritizes simplicity and scalability, allowing developers to deploy their custom blockchains.


  • Price: $0.02
  • Change: +15.40%

BEAM, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency utilizing the Mimblewimble protocol, has witnessed a remarkable 15.40% increase. It underscores the growing demand for privacy in digital transactions.


  • Price: $6.13
  • Change: -9.14%

Stride, although experiencing a 9.14% decline, remains a project of interest. It offers a unique approach to decentralized finance (DeFi) and liquidity provision.

Cryptocurrency Community Engagement

As we step into this new month, the cryptocurrency market is presenting mixed signals. What are your thoughts? Are we on the cusp of a market upturn? Do these trends make you feel bullish or bearish about the future?

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