Cryptocurrency Market Update: 03/02/2024 | Meme Coin Madness! (Must Read)

Cryptocurrency Market Update

Cryptocurrency Market Cap: $2,434.50 B | 24h Vol: $132.08 B | BTC Dominance: 49.85%

The cryptocurrency market has seen a slight increase in its market cap, moving up to $2,434.50 billion from yesterday’s $2,430.55 billion. Despite a decrease in 24-hour volume from $145.98 billion to $132.08 billion, the market remains robust. Notably, Bitcoin’s dominance has dipped below the 50% mark to 49.85%, suggesting a growing interest in altcoins, particularly meme coins which have shown remarkable movement.

Noteworthy Movers:

  • SHIBA INU (SHIB): Currently priced at $0.00001996, SHIB has surged by 39.85%, with an impressive 100% increase over the last 7 days. This meme coin continues to captivate the market with its significant gains.
  • BITCOIN CASH (BCH): BCH has climbed to $450.62, marking a 45.38% increase. This Bitcoin fork aims to offer faster transactions, appealing to investors and traders alike.
  • DOGECOIN (DOGE): The original meme coin has risen to $0.14, up by 9.24%, and has gained over 60% in the past week, showcasing the enduring appeal of meme-based assets.
  • ETHEREUM CLASSIC (ETC): With a current price of $33.31, ETC has seen a 12.91% uptick, emphasizing its resilience and appeal as a continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain.
  • CRONOS (CRO): Priced at $0.13, CRO has experienced a 10.67% increase, reflecting its growing ecosystem and utility in the crypto space.
  • BITCOIN SV (BSV): Standing at $105.19, BSV has surged by 27.01%, continuing to attract attention for its scalability and stability claims.
  • PEPE: This token has jumped to $0.000004090, up by 16.16%, with an extraordinary 250% increase over the last 7 days, indicating a growing interest in niche meme coins.
  • GALA: GALA’s price has risen to $0.05, marking a 16.81% increase, as it gains traction in the gaming and NFT sectors.
  • APECoin (APE): APE has climbed to $2.27, up by 15.16%, reflecting its connection to the burgeoning NFT and digital art markets.
  • SATS (ORDINALS): This Bitcoin-based token has seen a 15.53% increase to $0.0000006113, highlighting the innovative use of Bitcoin’s blockchain for unique digital assets.
  • DOGWIFHAT (WIF): Priced at $1.21, WIF has increased by 19.89%, showcasing the diverse and often whimsical nature of meme coin projects.
  • CORGIAI: This adorable meme coin has surged to $0.003961, up by 38.85%, with an 80% increase over the last week, emphasizing the market’s appetite for fun and engaging crypto projects.
  • FLOKI: Inspired by Elon Musk’s pet, FLOKI has jumped to $0.0001078, a whopping 74.11% increase, with over 200% gains in the past 7 days, showcasing the impact of social media and influencer endorsements on cryptocurrency values.


The current trend shows an explosive movement in meme coins, but the question remains: Will meme coin holders hold on to their assets or take profits to trade for more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? Several factors could be influencing this trend, including social media hype, influencer endorsements, and the search for the next big gain in the crypto world.

We encourage our readers to share their thoughts. Are meme coins here to stay, or are they a fleeting trend? Will you HODL or trade? Join the conversation in the comments, and don’t forget to like and share this update.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice. Always conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.

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