Cryptocurrency Browser

Brave Browser – Brave blocks tracking software and ads. You can earn crypto while you surf the web.*

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Coinbase – Great place to start. Offers many popular crypto assets. Simple and intuitive*

Cash App –  Square Cash App is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin from your mobile phone*

Binance – Sophisticated trading platform for seasoned crypto investors*

Cryptocurrency Mining

CryptoCompare – Crypto mining calculator

 WhatToMine – Crypto mining comparisons

Crypto Resources

Here are some powerful crypto resources!

Rewards Programs

Lolli – Build Satoshis while you shop*

Crypto Videos

Ivan On Tech – All about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

 Ian Balina – Emphasis on ICOs and newer projects

 DataDash – Discusses cryptocurrencies, data analytics & science

 The Dang Oracle – Technical analysis on cryptocurrency (mainly Bitcoin)

Decentralized Finance

BlockFi – Bridging the worlds of traditional finance and crypto*

 DappRadar – Top Dapps

 Block123 – List of Awesome Ethereum Decentralized Finance Projects

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Trezor – Highly regarded multi-currency hardware wallet*

 Electrum – Lightweight, no frills Bitcoin wallet

 Bitcoin Wallet – Easy to use Android wallet

 BRD (Bread) – simple and secure onramp to bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital currencies

 KeepKey Wallet – Hardware Wallet. Protect your cryptocurrencies, store your private keys offline*

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